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Eyebrows Microblading


Eyebrows microblading, also known by a variety of names such as eyebrow embroidery, microstroking, feather touch and hair like strokes is a form of simi-permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. Microblading is semi-permanent (It will fade and shed out over time) and it only penetrates the top two layers of skin.

Eyebrows microblading is not a permanent tattoo. These eyebrows can last up to 3 years in some cases however, the average is between 1 – 2 years.

The microblading procedure may be slightly uncomfortable. The procedure involves abrading the skin and depositing pigment in the abrasions. Some folks find it more uncomfortable than others. If you are 5 days before or after your menstrual cycle, the pain may feel more enhanced.

There may be swelling and redness following the procedure. You may experience minor bleeding.

Initially the pigment will appear very dark. Like Groucho Marks dark. Immediately after the procedure, the pigment can appear 30-50% darker than the desired result. REST ASSURED, THIS WILL FADE! The reason is because your pigment is mixed with blood and has created a scab. This is normal for the healing process. PLEASE BE PATIENT. The pigments WILL fade.

Clients with oily skin may not hold pigment as well as those with drier skin types.

A negative patch test does not guarantee that you will not develop an allergic reaction after the procedure. Allergic reactions to anesthetic may occur.

Infections may occur if aftercare instructions are not followed correctly. ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS prior to touching your treatment area.

If you have an MRI or CAT scan within 3 months of your Microblading procedure; you should notify and discuss with your physician possible side effects.

Though it is possible scarring may occur, it is rare.


Always thoroughly wash hands prior to touching the microblade treated area to avoid infection.


Gently cleanse the area each hour using distilled water and a clean cotton pad each and every time you touch the treated area. After cleansing, apply a very thin layer of A+D ointment (enough to let the skin breathe). ***FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS DON'T USE ANY WATER UNTIL AFTER DAY 10!!! (with the exception of your initial day of treatment)*** DAYS 2-10

Always thoroughly wash hands prior to touching the microbladed area.

Only use A+D ointment 4-5 times/day for days 2-10 until scabs start to fall off.


When washing the rest of your face, use a gentle face cleanser and avoid the treatment areas. If the area does get wet, pat dry very gently with a clean paper towel or tissue.


  • Soaps, facial cleansers, and water on treated areas;
  • Washing/moisture on the treated areas;
  • Chlorine, Saline pools; Jacuzzi or saunas;
  • Retin-A and AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) on treated areas;
  • Receiving chemical facial treatments;
  • Receiving irritating eye-area treatments;
  • Using cosmetics over treated areas for 5 days, including non-allergenic/hypoallergenic/non-comedogenic formulas;
  • Hot, steamy, long showers or sauna;
  • Exposure Direct sunlight or tanning bed UV rays on treated areas;
  • Drying/rubbing/blotting with towels on treated areas;
  • Excessive perspiration;
  • Sleeping on my side or my stomach; and
  • Shower with your back to the spout to avoid water; deter shampoo and conditioner from getting into the pigmented areas. Apply a sufficient barrier of A+D ointment on the pigmented area during showers.



The results of my microblading procedure requires careful aftercare maintenance. You should follow the instructions thoroughly outlined below. Please note it is normal to have scabs, swelling and redness of the skin at the treated area which may subside within 1-4 days depending how you care for your application. In some cases bruising may occur.

It is recommended you resume normal activities after 14 days following treatment.

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Microblading Consultation 30 minutes (no charge)

Initial Session $450 ($100 deposit due at consultation) 2 1/2hrs. to 3 hrs.

Touch-up visits $100. Recommended at 6 weeks after initial visit, 2 1/2hrs. to 3 hrs.


Alishia from Holly Spring

I came here for my first time after booking an appointment on a Sunday to get my eyebrows micro bladed. I've never had something done like this before so I was nervous. When I got there I was greeted right away! They are beyond sweet and friendly! I filled out paper work and was on my way and I was about 45 minutes early ! She walked me through the process and it took about an hour to do the measurements and draw out my new brows and she constantly made sure I was happy with them! After having the everything done I was absolutely blown away with the results! Going from basically no brows to semi- permanent perfect brows that looked so natural was unbelievable! I live in apex and have no problem driving 35 minutes here! You will not be disappointed !! Thank you so much for my new brows !!